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For every new thing - one thing (two things go out)

Pick up for 5 mins every day

At least that's how I roll.. Or try to.


Hi Jill,

sounds similar. I recognize myself, but I don't like this approach. I cleaned my stuff just 4-5 times in my whole life.

Don't think it is a chaos (at least for me). I can find things very quickly, if no one changed this. Each pile of papers work like layers in archeology. I see the top paper, I remember the event linked to this paper, I remember when this happened. So, I go deeper into the papers pile, deeper in time and find the paper I need in less than 1 minute.

I even read some article about methods of organizing. This method was mentioned there as an excellent "native" method for people with dominant Associative Thinking, creative people etc. When a table is fully covered, I take each pile "as is" and put it into a box, like this one pictured above. Only the latest pile remained on the table. This is the "native", time-line/associative based method of organizing.

Another point is my HSP personality. Have you heard about HSP - Highly Sensitive Person? This is the theory of just one psychologist, I don't remember her name. This theory settled my mind and I am more or less in peace with myself last years.

For HSP it is hard task to discard something, to decide what to discard and what not, to categorize. Each piece of paper brings memories and associations, it is a time and soul consuming, and energy draining kind of work.

I understand, that you personally like the order to look like "order", my mom as well. But thanks God, she allowed me to manage my room as I like. Now, my wife is probably ADHD (undiagnosed), my youngest son is ADHD, but two other kids like "order" to look as "order", without any education on this from our side. Genes play their probability game.



A child came into my class yesterday and said, "I don't have my homework because my mom REALLY CLEANED my room and threw away EVERYTHING." I wasn't sure whether to laugh or give him a detention.
I laughed.

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