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Knowing what I know about ADHD and its corresponding disabilities I think that most ADHD bullies are probably misdiagnosed. ADHD kids are often kids with sensory processing disorder who don't like to be touched (so fight when people accidentally touch them) or who like the deep pressure (so they look for people to wrestle with or hit), who have visual processing disorder and have poor spacial relations (thus bumping into things because of visual discrimination or poor gross motor skills), or who have auditory processing disorders and don't understand what people are saying (thus misunderstanding, getting frustrated, and fighting...the whole "what did you say" put up your dukes kind of thing.

My son is exactly this and he is 4. Are we scared he will be the bully? YES. Does he have ADHD? no...SPD, VPD, APD, and Communication processing disorder.

Great post.

The Mentor Mom

Excellent point, Pickel! Thanks for sharing your insights :)

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