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I never dreamed I would have to go through this, but unfortunately I do. Not with Grandma, but with an Aunt and Uncle on my husbands side. There are several children in the family and all of the youngest are girls, and their birthdays are one right after the other in April. While we were having Eater dinner his Aunt thought it would be a good time to give all the little girls their birthday presents so she passed them all out to every little girl there, EXCEPT for mine. It was heartbreaking to watch her little face while all the other girls were opening their baby dolls and carrying them around with them and there is my poor baby with nothing. We are fully expecting the same thing this Christmas so I think I'll try your last suggestion and bring a present for her so that when the rest of the kids get one and she doesn't, she'll atleast THINK she got one. I just hate confrontation, but when it comes to your kids.... I guess you do what you have to do.

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