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"Quirky Kids" sounds like a good read. My son has Asperger's Syndrome. We begged for an autism referral for three years before I stumbled upon information on Asperger's and said, "This is it." I presented my own research, and the school folks couldn't say no any more.

Jill S. Urbane

It really ruffles my feathers when I hear of folks having to work so hard for an evaluation! I'm fortunate that the district I work for don't hesitate to evaluate children under five where the parents have concerns. Good for you, Daisy, for being such a good advocate for your son and following your gut!


We are in the process of having our daughter evaluated right now - for what, we're not sure yet. Some parts of ADD fit, some parts of Aspergers fit but neither completely explains it. 'Quirky' describes her perfectly - I'm going to have to get that book! Thank you so much!


I wrote about this last night. I am so glad that AAP has come out about this. Our ped keeps dismissing it because she knows our son is from Russia and keeps FAS in the back of her mind. To me, its just not that. We have done everything autistic parents have and her responds.


It was great to read about the AAP around the blogosphere today. Early intervention is just that early intervention not wait and see. If more parents are able to act on their instincts with back up from their Dr the early years would not be such a blur.

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