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We decided DVR was worth the money, that way we have control over when we watch, and I can fast forward through the freaking McDonald's ad at the begining of Sesame Street. GUH!

Jill Urbane, The Mentor Mom

McDonald's ads before Sesame Street?! That is crazy!!! We haven't invested in a DVR yet, but with the way things are going on TV we had probably better do so!


I hear you. My son loves to watch sports of all kinds. I spend a lot of time talking with him about the beer ads and the reality of drinking too much. The ads are creative, but I don't want my 15-yr-old to get sucked into underage drinking after a few clever commercials.

The Mentor Mom

It's sad, isn't it?! Do none of these advertising people have children? Yikes! Maybe we need to start a mom-run advertising agency :)

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