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I have no cure, but I *do* like the superior feeling that flows through my body when I can immediately find said item. I also have fun with the mockery that ensues.

The Mentor Mom

Great point, Dawn. The opportunity to feel superior comes along so infrequently :)


I've used this tip one too many times as mine says" I can't find X and I don't know what to do? But you can find it" Cute but doesn't solve the problem. He functions the best when he puts everything in its place- as do I. So when he looks in 'the' area it should be in his frustration level goes through the roof if it's not there. With a little brother things don't stay put forever any more :)

The Mentor Mom

I couldn't agree more about having a place for things. We seem to have a tough time in the mornings, e.g., misplaced backpacks, shoes, coats, etc. We just made a "launch pad" this weekend (don't remember what web site I saw that on!) -- a storage bench with hooks above it for coats, backpacks, etc., Above that is our family calendar and a large blackboard where the kids can write themselves reminders for school, e.g., remember library books, etc. It has been working like a charm :)


I remember a comic once declaring, "So the uterus is a finding device?" Leads me to think that post-hysterectomy or menopausal, we should be fine. We can't be expected to find anything for anyone but ourselves. :)

The Mentor Mom

Hmmmm, guess I'll be off the hook fairly soon ;)

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