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Rae Pica

Jill, thank you so much for re-running this post! Since you're on vacation and not actually writing this week, you couldn't have known how timely this topic would be! Just yesterday -- August 8th -- there was a news story about a study published in the Journal of Pediatrics, which determined that, among babies ages 8 to 16 months, every hour spent daily watching programs such as "Brainy Baby" or "Baby Einstein" translated into six to eight fewer words in their vocabularies as compared with other children their age.

What does this have to do with crawling? Well, somewhere along the line parents became convinced that they'd be failing their children if they didn't immerse them in "educational" materials, particularly DVDs and computer software. Madison Avenue worked its magic, and people forgot that Mother Nature already had a plan for a child's development. And it's a pretty good one!

As you pointed out, the senses are vital to optimal development. As a baby moves from lying down to sitting to creeping and, finally, to standing, her perspective changes, as do her perceptions of the world and its possibilities. The more mobile she becomes, the more she increases her knowledge about herself and the people and things around her, acquiring information through her tactile (touch), kinesthetic (muscular), proprioceptive (body awareness), and vestibular (motion awareness, or balance) senses. With each new experience, new neural connections are made.

As you know, I'm a children's physical activity specialist. What you probably don't know is that I've been singing the praises of tummy time and cross-lateral movement for years! Thanks for joining the chorus!

Jill Urbane, The Mentor Mom

Thank you so much for the input, Rae! I really feel that it is important to share information on topics that may impact a child's development and growth for parents to consider :)


Hi Jill,

thanks for a good article on crawling and ADHD. I posted a detailed comment on the clone of this article on Minti.com:


I am a father of ADHD child and I do crawling exercises with my son. I run a blog about this method, with our crawling videos.


The Mentor Mom

Thanks for sharing this information, Arieh :)

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