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Tammy Lenski

Ooooh, lots of interesting things here, Jill! So you're a brussels sprouts-hating former rocker caffeine junkie, Avon and Catholic mentor mom!

Ok, ok, inquiring minds want to know:

- What kind of rock music? And what did you wear?


Jill Urbane, The Mentor Mom

Well, this was during the "grunge" era so I mostly wore jeans, t-shirts, flannel, etc. No heels as I had a tendency to trip over the cords. My gosh, when I look at old photos! It's not so much the garb, but the hair!

As for the music, we did a little bit of everything from the classics (my signature song was a version of "White Rabbit") to REM to Bush. Boy, the stories I could tell you of stupid, drunk human tricks...the crowds, not mine ;)

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