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theresa cahill

please help me with my daughter summer is comming and she is 5 and learning about bees and bugs and will not go out side, i feel that this summer she will be afraid

Jill Urbane, The Mentor Mom

As I said in the post, Theresa, fear of bugs is something that you just kinda have to wait out :( Try some of the tips and suggestions and remember to try to put yourself in her shoes and be patient. Best of luck to you!

Jennifer Miller

Thank you for your post, my daughter is 5. She was stung by a bee and was ok after that. Recently a Japanese beetle buzzed our yard and reactivated her fear of bees. She will not even consider going in the back yard. I will try some of your suggestions. It is hard to be patient even though I know its all I can do. Her fear is real. Thank you.


My 3.5 year old has been paralyzed with fear when it comes to bugs for about 2 years now.

She has started to calmly deal with it, but at first it was a hysterical blood curdling scream every single time she saw any bug.

Now, if she sees a bug she says "Shoo!" and flaps her arms and blows it away like I've shown her.

The hardest time for her is in her car seat, when she can't walk away. She screams, cries and panics.

We are dealing with it, one encounter at a time. Spending this summer in TN, with bazillions of cicadas is actually helping! Immersion therapy!

Thanks for your tips, we will try them all. :)


My son was stung on the neck by a bee when he was almost 3. It's been a year and a half and he LOVES going outside! He'll play outside all day! That is, however, until he sees something that's 'FLYING'. It doesn't matter if it's a bumble bee or a small gnat. All of a sudden he's "changed his mind" and wants to go in. How can we help him get over this fear?? He wants to go fishing with his dad and go camping, but we KNOW there's going to be bugs...

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