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you stole this!!!!!!!!!


I assure you that this post was written by me based on my experiences with many of the families I have worked with over the years as well as my own children. If you believe that I have stolen it, please provide me with the source, e.g., web link, book, article, etc. Interestingly enough, I tried sending a private e-mail to you regarding your comment, but the e-mail was undeliverable. Hmmmm...

Mom of 2

I myself as a mother, like the knowledge and information you have offered. No matter the source. I don't think it could be copied or stolen. I myself done this a couple years ago with my kids, befor ever useing the net for tips or info on such a subject. This is the first time I have browsed this site but, I went to veiw other mother commets hopeing for more ideas or results. I was shocked at the first comment. As a parent any million one could have thought of this but, it was nice to read it and get small or large details and ideas I may not have thought of. However, when I did this, my idea on this subject was not excatly as read above. When I clicked to view this page it was to get better ideas,tips,info of the matter. So grate job to the writer and your crazy lk for the childish comment. How do you sill common parent hood knowledge? Infact this idea is every where but not written excatly the same. Sorry had to respond, I have yet to understand the crazys of the net and why they act in such a manner. You can't see the person you dont know them whats the thrill?


Who cares where it came from. It's great info. :)

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