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Janet Boccone

Hi Jill.

As a breast cancer survivor, I, too sobbed uncontrollably as I watched the Oprah episode where the woman taped her words of wisdom for her daughter. I have been thinking about this a lot lately as my good friend and former chemo buddy battles the return of her breast cancer that has now travelled to her brain.

A long time ago, when my children were quite small, I decided to forget about journaling my kids 'first tooth', 'first step' etc. Instead I started a journal for each of them called "What you were like". So now, we can all look back and read about the goofy things each of them said when they were two and three etc. and what their favourite colours, foods and expressions were like at that time. I include in there how proud I am of each of their accomplishments and how much I cherish them for who they are. I also made sure to include my memories of the day they were born. I hope and pray that I will be a part of their lives for a very, very long time. But their are no guarantees, and I don't ever want them to doubt for a second the depth of my love and commitment to them.

Great post. It got me thinking!!

Jill Urbane, The Mentor Mom

Fantastic, Janet! I hear you about documenting the "firsts!" I had good intentions of doing this with both the kids, but never followed through. And I couldn't agree more that "I don't ever want them to doubt for a second the depth of my love and commitment to them." Amen to that :)

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