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oh boy do I look forward to the next "episode". I've been learning the balance of two with a (semi-colicky) 3.5 week old and a very strong-willed 3.5 year old. Being on leave I'm doing the full time mommy gig and GAH! There have been some insane moments!!!

The Mentor Mom

Hi Shetha! Great to hear from you! Gah is right. I remember being home with both after our daughter was born. Talk about a transition. Working diligently on fostering a positive relationship between sibs can make things easier down the road. Hope the tips help :)


I enjoy reading your tips and hope they will help us. Do you have any specific tips for combined families with older children, 8 and 13? I think sometimes my handling of the situation does not help.

Jill Urbane, The Mentor Mom

That's a tough one, Stephanie! That age spread makes it difficult as well. Two very different developmental stages :)

I usually suggest to blended families that the bio parent handle the discipline of their own bio children. This is not to say that the step-parent shouldn't have any say, but it is important for the bio parent to take the lead with their own child. It is important for the parents to discuss discipline and consequences so they are on the same page (this is true of ALL families!). Disagreements about a consequence for a given infraction should be settled in private. Kids hone in on discord between parents. A unified front with the bioparent taking the lead can be a most effective intervention. Great question! You'll have to let me know if this helps :)

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