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Mommy off the Record

Great post. I've never written down my priorities before. I've written down goals, but they were more everyday things like start reading the newspaper, save money, etc.

If I were to write down my top two priorities they would be my family and my health. And if I need to work on something it's spending more time with my husband. I think I'll focus on that sub-priority more this week. Thanks for the post and the good advice!

Good luck with your own journey. :)

Jill Urbane, The Mentor Mom

Good for you! I'm a goal oriented person myself which has helped me immensely in my career, however, I don't seem to do as well with my goals for me and my family. It seems so much easier to let them slide doesn't it? I'm with you on making health a priority. We won't be any good to anyone if we are not around! Better add that to my priority list :)

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