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You most welcome TMM :) We love your stuff and its great to hear the little fellow is working the floor for you while you put your feet up and drink coffee.

The Mentor Mom

Thanks Matt! There is nothing better than sitting on the couch with the remote for the Roomba. I never thought I could clean and relax at the same time :)

Clay Cook

Just dropped by to say thanks for the link love to Minti.
The Roombas are so cool aren't they? Now if only we could get them to change the sheets to the bed... etc ;)
- Clay
Minti Co-Founder

The Mentor Mom

They sure are cool, Clay! Do you think they'll ever invent the Cookba? You know, a robot that will prepare meals? I'd be ALL over that one :)

Tammy Lenski


Just wanted to drop by, say how terrific the blog site looks, and find out how you're enjoying the Rumba now several weeks into it. I've periodically considered one but have never known someone who actually owns one...until now!

Jill Urbane, The Mentor Mom

So glad to hear from you Tammy and I'm glad you like the new digs! I am absolutely loving my Roomba. I must say that my floors have never looked better (since they are getting cleaned more often!).

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