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My daughter = Easy and flexible...but with poop issues.


I have to say my kids are a real mix. My son would seem like a difficult child, except he relishes new experiences. He just wants to do them HIS way. My daughter is much more hesitant, but she is incredibly active and totally fine with me leaving her, much more so than my son was at this age. I couldn't say that either of them fit any of these types very well...

Jill Urbane, The Mentor Mom

I totally understand where you are coming from chichimama. I find that with my kids, some traits that were strong when they were young mellow with age, while others that were virtually non-existent become more pronounced. I think that there are a lot of other things that play into temperament that researchers have not explored such as inner dialogue. By that I mean what is going on inside their heads in different situations, eg, are they seeking control, are they feeling self-doubt, etc. They don't take things like that into consideration in those nine traits do they now? What do you think?


i would like to read the endless things that dont work please because this is the individual within many violent adults that dont know how to direct their need or understand themselves and i would like to see if some of the successful children techniques, translated into adult experiments could work for them.


i meant the endless list that doesnt work for the feisty, oops.

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