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AMEN to this! I can't believe how disrespectful this generation is. There's no way I tolerate my daughter ever speaking to me in that way!

Jill Urbane, The Mentor Mom

Isn't it true! I don't know what keeps parents from addressing this issue with their kids. I'll tell you what, all I've got to do is give my kids the "hairy eyeball" and the KNOW they have crossed the line. I'd love to know how you handle this with your kids, eg, time out, discuss it with them, etc. Thanks for commenting!


That is so true! I see so many kids on my flights that are disrespectful to their parents. And the parents do nothing to correct them! I can't imagine what these kids will be like when they're grown.

Jill Urbane, The Mentor Mom

Exactly Kailani! I don't think parents who are allowing this type of behavior see that they are setting their children up for a very difficult experience as a grown up, eg, being disrespectful to my parents gets me what I want and has no consequence. How will that belief work in the workplace, school or in marriage!!


Yeah, this is so true. My son is 6 and has just started mouthing off and acting all defiant. And I just sigh and say, "When will you learn?" as I escort him to his room/corner. ;)

Jill Urbane, The Mentor Mom

Never Kris! I mean it does get better, but just about the time I think we are past that stage it pops up again. It's almost like they are waiting for you to let your guard down. Sneaky that way they are :)

Sunshine Scribe

This is a good one. Thanks for sharing it. I couldn't agree more!

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