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Her Bad Mother - live from the Mother 'Hood!

That's an awesome idea. I've also thought of keeping a reading journal with my daughter, when she's old enough - write down title, date started, etc, and when it's finished, a note or two about they liked about it... and maybe a sticker or to to mark it DONE. Leaves a nice record of one's reading history.

And for adult readers, if you make a note of where you left off in the book, it might be easier to pick it back up again.

Jill Urbane, The Mentor Mom

Reading journals are a great idea as well! We tried one with my son, but we kinda fell off the wagon. I don't even know where it is to tell you the truth :( Maybe I need to make a paper chain for myself to finish what I have started...there's an idea! Thanks for swinging by HBM :)

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