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My son is 2.5 months old, and I started tummy time only 10 days back. I was very eager to buy a Exersaucers / walker, now I am having second thoughts.

I would really prefer him to try things on his own with human assistance.


Our 9 month old is NOT crawling or pulling himself up at all. We just loaded the stupid exersaucer and jumper into the car. I think it is 90% responsible for him being a LATE crawler. Yes we probably had him in both "devices" too much and now we are trying everything to encourage him to crawl....


So yeah, my ten year old who never owned an exersacer was crawling at 6 months.
My seven month old son isn't crawling, but loves his exersaucer. coincidence? I don't know. I do know that he doesn't exactly like to sit without something against which to leverage or regaining his balance.
Then again, he's usually being worn or held...


Interesting! I had heard of the risks involved with children falling, so we got her a stationary saucer. But I never really thought about the other possible detriments.

We let her use her saucer after she started sitting up without assistance (around 2 months). She absolutely loved it (we got the one that has a piano and two sides, so she could walk back and forth and turn around in it...it was a rectangle, not a circle if that makes sense).

But then she started pulling herself up and walking along edges. After that she never wanted to be in it again. I wonder if she instinctively felt that it was impeding her growth. Maybe that's why she didn't start walking unassisted until 7/8 months! Hmm.


My son is almost 15 years old now, but he was, and is, an extremely ADHD child. I used the Exersaucer as a babysitter starting at about 2 months because it kept him entertained and out of trouble. I feel it was responsible for his early walking. He first walked at an unbelievable 5 months and was totally in control and running by 8 months! Yes, he was a little bow-legged in the beginning, but now he is a tall, slim, perfectly formed, athletic boy.


Instead of exersaucers, walkers, and screaming infants lying on the floors on their tummies, why don't we just strap our babies to our backs and let their muscles develop the natural way?


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I started tummy time almost immediately. Lay her on her tummy for a few minutes at a time, and gradually increase the amount of time as she gets older. You can shake a rattle or other toy in front of her face for her to look at. Lay on the floor with her at eye level and talk to her.

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