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Mommy off the Record

This is so true. I am way to verbose. In fact, this gives me a little insight into why my husband always seems to tune me out. I'm great at expressing my feelings, but if he doesn't listen after the first 25 words, what's the point?

Jill Urbane, The Mentor Mom

We do over-explain things sometimes don't we? I do the same thing and though I know better! Thanks for stopping by...hope the tip helps!


I have to say it's the opposite in my home. My husband tends to go on and on with our daughters, and I can see them tune him out. One thing that has helped me as a mom is following through with whatever threat I throw out there. Let's say they are jumping on the couch and you threaten, "If you jump once more, no t.v. for 3 days!" You'd better follow through. Also, make any threats realistic for the situation. That is huge. Never, never threaten something that you cannot follow through on. My girls know now that if I threaten something, it's going to happen! It's not always easy to do, but believe me it pays off.

Jill Urbane, The Mentor Mom

Sage advice from a sage parent (sage doesn't mean over the hill, right?)! Follow through is one of the areas where parents have the most difficulty, but it is among the most important. Parents who don't follow through are setting themselves up for more frustration. They can't blame their kids when they don't do what they ask because they have taught them the consequences are hit or miss. Interesting that your hubby is the one who goes on and on. Is that before or after caffiene? Thanks for the great suggestions and post chicky :)

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