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I do roughhouse with our twins. We roll on the ground, do "horsey rides" and tickle to no end. I even "throw" them into the air (I don't let go) and they love it.

Fortunately, my wife's a pediatric physical therapist so she knows my role is an important one. Although every once in a while she'll scold me for being too rough. I haven't made one cry yet though.

Jill Urbane, The Mentor Mom

Good for you Matthew! Dad's are naturals at eliciting squeals of joy that could break glass. I bet your twins LOVE it! How fortunate fortunate for you that your wife understands the importance of rough housing. Glad to hear you haven't made one cry...let's keep it that way!


I must admit, I gave the hubby a very hard time at first. My pediatrician told me to close my eyes or leave the room. Guess what? It works! I'm very relaxed about my husband's shenanigans ... as I sip iced tea in another part of the house.

Jill Urbane, The Mentor Mom

You have a wise pediatrician Anne. You're right, it is hard to watch the rough housing in the beginning. But just like we are instinctively programmed to soothe and nurture, dad's are programmed for physical play. There must be a reason for it. So to all those mom's still struggling, follow Anne's lead by having some ice tea elsewhere :)

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