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Congratulations, Jill & Matt, on the grand re-opening of what’s gotta be the best burger joint in the world! I was so disappointed to see in the Press last year it had already closed & that I didn’t get a chance to enjoy one last Fat Boy burger. I was thrilled tonite to read that the Fat Boy was back! I grew up on the NE side in the late 50’s and 60’s, so a stop at Fat Boy or Northfield Lanes after school at Aberdeen or Riverside was common. In fact, my very first real "date" was taking my neighborhood girlfriend to Fat Boy over 45 years ago! Rest assured, I’ll be bringing my fiancée Connie & "our" 10-yr-old sweetheart Val in to enjoy the world’s best burger soon! Thanks for giving it a shot in these difficult times. It sounds like your fans are going to help you make it a success!

Like so many of the people who have written here, I have years of fond memories of Fat Boy. I remember the first time my father took my sister and me to Fat Boy - it was a rite of passage! I live in Washington DC now, but cannot wait to return to Fat Boy on my next trip to Grand Rapids, although it will be a bittersweet reunion for me since we lost my father to cancer last December. Congratulations on your success and thank you for bringing Fat Boy back!

Thank you, Amy and Len, for both sharing your stories! It is sharing this history with the public that really helps them to understand what an icon Fat Boy is in the community. Matt and I feel honored by the opportunity to be involved with such an institution. We're still working out some tweaks, but we are committed to getting this thing right. Thanks again!

Just got back from my first lunch there, and it was delicious. I love having a place like this in walking distance. I hope the snow plows stop blasting the doors!

Thanks for the thumbs up, Jeremy! We'll see what we can do about those snow plows ;)

Been twice this week. A menu request--can we get longer hours for breakfast on Saturdays--maybe all day?

I certainly understand the request, Matthew. Over at our other restaurant, we did breakfast all day. I, myself, am a big fan of breakfast for lunch. We planned to do the same at Fat Boy, however, we found out quickly that it just isn't feasible there. With the volume of orders the cook has to process, having breakfasts and burgers on at the same time is just not feasible. Sorry, Matt! I do know where you are coming from! If the kitchen was bigger and we had room for another griddle, we might be able to do it.

I was so excited to hear that Fat Boy has reopened it's doors! It has been a tradition since high school that my friend and i would walk there at the beginning of every school break (winter, spring, summer). Now in college, when we heard they closed, we were devastated! I am glad to hear the new Fat Boy is smoke-free, being a non-smoker myself that would've probably been my only complaint about the old place. I hope that you eventually decide to extend your hours of business, because I am in class during your open period, so I have not yet had a chance to check it out...
I also heard through a friend no more cheese fries? =(
Hope to See you soon!!

Hello there,
I heard from my dentist across the street that Fat Boy was back again! I went there on Sunday with my friend and it was great! My great uncle used to eat there every single morning and me and my grandma would sometimes go to join him. I am guessing some of the retro/antique decorations peaced out with the old owner, and I love the NICE new counters and everything, but don't lose that old-school feel! I loved the bomb shelter sign though! ;P The only comment I made to the owner (forgetting his name already, sorry!) on Sunday was that I MISS CHEESE FRIES! Haha, he told me the story already, it would stink up the place...but they rule.
Keep up the good work!

Thanks, Allison and Elizabeth! Yeah, we did away with the cheese fries. Just not sure how to squeeze those in given the volume of food he is moving during the lunch rush. We'll keep it in mind for the future though ;)

you should post your phone number on this blog and maybe even the address

Best burgers in the world!

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